Brace yourself SOPA, indie musicians are coming.

It’s not often we update this blog. And when we do, we never EVER put up anything that isn’t related to us and why you all should make a sound investment in our music.

However, the fate of the internet is at stake if SOPA gains any more ground, and as such, this is worth highlighting. If piracy gets cracked down on, there will be no hope for most musicians, without piracy, copyright infringement, and sharing intellectual property, there would be no revolution in the music industry in the past few years, no indie bands popping up from nowhere, no “name your own price” albums. Great bands with a small fanbase would never be heard if it wasn’t for sites like Grooveshark, Youtube and The Pirate Bay.

If there was a crackdown on sharing intellectual property illegally, we would have never heard of Trevor Hall, The Gaslight Anthem, Damien Dempsey, Frank Turner, Skrillex, The Head and The Heart, or many other great musicians and acts who have influenced our own music. And even though we heard of these acts through supposedly “illegal” ways, we still generated revenue for them, paying to see them live, watching their advertisement infested videos, and just talking about them. All these actions probably left them with more fame and money than if we payed for their music. Even if we did dish out a euro for a song, very little of it would reach the artists directly, management and record labels always seem to get a bigger cut than the acts themselves.

This is why we released our first few EPs and Demos for free, to build up a fanbase. Even now, we only charge a fiver for Electric Soul, hardly extortion. SOPA will destroy our hopes of ever covering ground in the music industry. Quite frankly, we’d be fairly proud if some of our stuff popped up on The Pirate Bay.

Take a stand, fight back against SOPA. And if your government decides it’s OK to extradite you, extradite your government… to North Korea. Don’t be held down by foreign laws. Help save the music industry (and many others), say “FUCK YOU” to SOPA.

Rant complete.

- Alka Jessie